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How We Buy And Sell Used Sports Equipment

No appointment necessary. We buy every day and will pay you on the spot!
Call your local store for additional details.

Recycle YOUR quality used sports and fitness equipment at Play It Again Sports!


Kids outgrow sports equipment so fast it's amazing and families are always changing sports or trying new activities. This leaves you with a lot of quality sports equipment that is still in great condition and has lots of years left in it.   Your garage, basement or closet is a potential source of income!


Bring the sports equipment you are no longer using to Play It Again Sports. You can sell or trade in it in against anything in our stores.   Let your gear Play It Again with another Athlete! 


Reuse. Recycle. Replay at Play It Again Sports!

Buying and Selling FAQs

Where do you get your used equipment??

We depend on customers like you for all our quality used gear! Bring in the gear you no longer use and we’ll pay you on the spot. We then offer it to someone else who can use it…at a great value. Reuse. Recycle. Replay.®

What type of sports gear do you buy?

We buy a wide variety of quality used sports and fitness gear. If a sport is played in our community and we have room for it, we buy it. Play It Again Sports stores do not buy or sell firearms of any sort.

How much will I get for my stuff?

It depends. We base our buying prices on brand, condition and demand for the items. Typically we will resell our used items for about 40-60% of what they would sell for new today. You would receive 30-50% of that amount depending on demand, condition and current inventory levels of like products.

Can I trade my old gear for new?

Sure you can! We can pay you on the spot for your items or you can receive an additional incentive if you trade towards new or used products in the store today. Basically, you create your own discount by bringing in items to trade against your purchase.

How long does it take for you to buy my sports gear?

It depends on how much and what type of product you bring in to sell. Most small buys can be processed in 10-15 minutes. It might take a little longer if you bring in a large quantity of items.

Here are your USED sports gear selling options.

Sell - We will pay you on the spot for your quality used sports and fitness equipment!  It's just that easy!

Trade - Trade in your quality used sports gear and receive even greater value. You can receive an additional incentive if you trade your USED products toward new or used product in the store today!  Basically, you create your own discount by bringing in items to trade toward your purchase!

Consignment - Some locations may offer consignment on select items. We offer your item(s) for sale in our store and pay you a set amount after it has sold. The store will determine if Consignment is an option for purchasing your used products.

Donate - Contribute your item(s) to charitable and non-profit organizations for the benefit of community, organizations, teams or schools. They receive the money for your item(s) and you receive the tax benefit and the satisfaction of supporting a worthy cause.

Go Green - Recycle rather than throw away. Donate your unwanted sports gear in good working condition and we'll get the item(s) back in use, not in landfills. At Play It Again Sports we Reuse and Recycle your sports gear so your gear can play again for someone else.